2008-10-24 Eurospoor 2008

From October 24 to October 26, 2008 the Eurospoor model rail fair was held in Utrecht, Netherlands. This event usually attracts large numbers of lay-outs, individuals or societies and traders to come and it visited by the tens of thousands of enthusiasts. I guess this is the largest event of its kind in the Netherlands. In this photo report I will not try to give full overview of the fair. I just picked a few lay-outs that I fancied.
DSC05338  Bear Creek Junction is a relatively simple layout based on the American logging scene. DSC05340  Note the three rail system, allow both standard gauge and narrow gauge engine to enter the shed. DSC05342  A Shay taking coal DSC05343  Another one passing the water column
DSC05345a  I took only one photo of the Uden lay-out to show off the bright blue NBDS-loco. The NBDS operated the Vlissingen-Goch line between 1874 and 1917. The company was assimilated in the StaatSpoorwegen and later in the NS. The beautiful 4-6-0 design was the first in the Netherlands. DSC05345  A closer look. DSC05351  A small diorama of Oss-west station. A lay-out on a modern theme that nevertheless could impress me. DSC05347
DSC05348 DSC05349 DSC05352 DSC05353
DSC05360  De Kreekse Tramdienst is depiction of a virtual tram service, operating trams of virtually all current tram companies in the Netherlands DSC05357  A German tran (front), a tram form the Hague and Rotterdam DSC05358 DSC05359
DSC05361 DSC05363 DSC05364  A Rotterdam tram. Though many untis existed, this one escaped into preservation because of it livery. The texts on the sides suggest a tram-car collision. The "Tingelingeling" is the sound of the tram bell. Further down the tram stands "Vrooom",  "Screech",  "Bang",  "Too late!!". On the door (right) side a ladies bag is painted dangling out the door ;-). It was a real head turner when it was introduced in this livery. DSC05365  The sober, functional Amsterdam Combino
DSC05367 DSC05368  and it's Rotterdam rival DSC05369 DSC05370
DSC05371  A gauge O model of the Belgian streamline Atlantic. Costing a mere five grand (in euro's that is) DSC05372  In my eyes the most beautiful HO model of the most beuatiful NS-locomotive, series 6300 by Philotrain. Priceless. DSC05373  Its O gauage brother DSC05374
DSC05375  Some pictures of a Diorama contest or something like it DSC05376  Logging theme. The contest rules states that there should be at least one moving object. In this case it was the angler, ont he bridge in front of the tunnel portal DSC05377 DSC05378  "The Little Sister of off the track again". De "Kleine Zus" (little sister) was a shunting engine built under own supervision, which a notorious tendency the leave the beaten track. Scene of the town of Rhenen, 1930
DSC05381 DSC05382