2008-09-13 Valkenburgse Meer

Dia1 DSC03295  A layout of the highest standards except for one: size. Again this proof that size does not matter. DSC03296 DSC03299
DSC03300  Loco's of the Isle of Man railway? "I built them all" Dia2 DSC03315 DSC03305  Purbeck was a mining area, would you have guessed?
DSC03306 DSC03307 DSC03308 DSC03309
DSC03313 DSC03314 Dia3 DSC03319
DSC03317 DSC03318 DSC03321 DSC03322
Dia4 DSC03341 DSC03332  Who said II-scale loco's are huge? DSC03339
DSC03338 DSC03328 DSC03335 DSC03333
DSC03340  Such detail!! Dia6 DSC03487  It's location in the new built carriage shed DSC03481
DSC03485 DSC03486 DSC03484 DSC03475
DSC03476 DSC03478 DSC03479 DSC03477
DSC03480 Dia8 DSC03521 DSC03523
DSC03525 DSC03526 DSC03527 DSC03528
DSC03529 DSC03510 DSC03531  "And now playin' ". RailMagazine editor Len de Vries (ri) & co. Dia5
DSC03343  The whole day two steam loco's pulled steamtrains up and down the line DSC03346 DSC03347 DSC03350
DSC03351 DSC03352 DSC03355 DSC03356
DSC03365 DSC03368 DSC03367 DSC03373
DSC03374 DSC03389 DSC03393 DSC03415
Dia7 DSC03502  Tramloco, Henschel built, 1904 DSC03506  Typical Dutch tramloco, Backer & Rueb, 1900. This type was the most common steam tram locomotive in the Netherland. At Stoomtram Hoorn Medemblik one is preserved in operational condition. DSC03507
DSC03545 DSC03546 DSC03549  Riveting the smokebox DSC03550  The red hot rivet (a nice restaurant name by the way) coming up, with a lot of yelling to make sure no one is in the way
DSC03551  Placing DSC03552  Hammering DSC03553 DSC03558  Plugs in your ears!!
DSC03559 DSC03565  The shops also contained numerous diesels Dia9 DSC03569  A railroaders paradise!!
DSC03578  Even diesels can have some beauty DSC03570  Lots of work to do DSC03571  looooooooots of work DSC03572