2008-06-29 Gauge 1 Meeting Sinsheim

DSCF3400  To start with: live steam DSCF3403  Getting ready and firing up the engine DSCF3404  Up for sale. Price tags of over € 5.000 are not particularly uncommon DSCF3405
DSCF3407 DSCF3408 DSCF3410 DSCF3411
Sinsheim Spur1-Treffen 29-O6-08 02  A garage into the smallest detail DSCF3414 DSCF3415  A German rack steamer DSCF3416
DSCF3422  showing off its beautiful double Walschearts valve gear DSCF3418 DSCF3420  Würtemberg Class C in all its beauty DSCF3421
DSCF3428  This engine was a demonstrator of a very convincing sound systeem with almost any option you think of. Synchronized exhaust beat, cylinders blowing, safety valve blowing, whistle, breaking sound, feed water pump, you name it, it was all there. The man in the background was fascinated, laying his tongue almost on the track. DSCF3429 S1051676b  John Waggot, showing his sturdy piece of work DSCF3430
S1051674 S1051675 DSCF3431 DSCF3432  In the stand of Lemaco there was a choice of the most exquisite models. These models are top of the bill, both in literal as in figurative speaking. Not for normal mortals like me... Even this pretty common Baureihe 98-7 becomes a head turner as it leaves the hands of Lemaco
DSCF3433  Not to mention this more elegant Swiss engine... DSCF3434  or this French stunning beauty DSCF3435  with all the detail you could possibly think of DSCF3436  The oil pump and its pipes. Need I say more??
DSCF3437 DSCF3438 DSCF3439 S1051677  Dieter, my German friend who invited my over, is equally intrigued.
DSCF3440  by his passion for electric rod locomotives Sinsheim Spur1-Treffen 29-O6-08 09  A series of photo shot by Dieter of a Lemaco model under construction Sinsheim Spur1-Treffen 29-O6-08 10 Sinsheim Spur1-Treffen 29-O6-08 11
Sinsheim Spur1-Treffen 29-O6-08 12 DSCF3441 DSCF3443 Sinsheim Spur1-Treffen 29-O6-08 17
Sinsheim Spur1-Treffen 29-O6-08 19 DSCF3444  The Gauge 1 exhibits sprawled between the Gauge 1:1 museum pieces DSCF3446 DSCF3447  A Köf on a small diorama
DSCF3448  A veryy impressive turntable DSCF3449 S1051678 DSCF3450  Dieter shows the sheer size of a Baureihe 43
DSCF3451  Just compare the drivers. And then to realize that these engines are dwarfed by their American counterparts. S1051673  A tribute to my host: one last shot of a German electric rod locomotive Sinsheim Spur1-Treffen 29-O6-08 30  Dieter also caught me