Dordt in stoom 2008

DIS2008[1]  A bi-annual event steam is held in Dordrecht (the full name of Dordt). Steam engines of every kind meet and crowds gather to awe over the old days' technique. Objects on display and in action vary form small model steam engines to a steam icebreaker, from merry gorounds to showman's engines. Apart from the technical side of the display, it is first of all one big feast. The organization claims it to be the largest steam festival in Europe. S1051079  Part of the show a model building show, which is partly taken by model railroads S1051080 S1051081  A little blurred photo, but yet impressive enough
S1051082 S1051083 S1051084  A completely scratch built live steam BR 98. I talked with the builder. This model is one out of seven he ever built. He showed me pictures of a BR 50 he was currently constructing. Very impressive. S1051085b
S1051088b  As far I can judge, the Shay on the right is a Roundhouse loco S1051090b  In comparison to probably a Bachmann Shay S1051092b  One cylinder hot air engine S1051093  A beautifully constructed stationary steam engine
S1051094  Dutch scenery... S1051095  Also Dutch scenery but of the more serious kind; Den Haag HS (The Hague) S1051096b  A Big Boy struggling through small curves. S1051097b  A what....?
S1051098b  De Zeven Provinciën, the seven provinces, a model of a 17th century man o' war. S1051099  Modern war equipment. BR52 war locomotive and guns. Wel detailed and skillfully built in styrene. S1051100  A gigantic one cylinder Diesel. Originally stationary but made transportable S1051101
S1051102  Climbing wall from the military S1051103b  A pinnace with a vertical boiler steam drive. In the background you can count four steam boats performing their tours on the water. S1051104  People waiting for modern age (catamaran fast ferry) transport on their way home S1051106
S1051107  Maarten and Anna meet on the Merwede (photo for a couple I know of the same names) S1051108  Mini tractor S1051109  But nevertheless stunningly beautiful!! S1051110
S1051112 S1051113  Detail of the same road engine. You may need K-Lite Codec Pack to decode the video S1051114  Live steam loco Stainz hard at work S1051115  Leaving
S1051116  Meanwhile the historical house fronts muse over the crowd and the past S1051117  Marine is present S1051118 S1051119
S1051120 S1051123 S1051124 S1051125
S1051127 S1051128 S1051129 S1051130  The intrigueing movement of the Stephenson valve gear. The resulting movement of the valves is so complex that calculating the amount of steam admitted to the cylinder at any given time can even now only be approximated
S1051132 S1051133  Due to the parading crowds it was impossible to get a full clear shot of this engine. S1051134  I was terribly sorry that I took my Samsung out, not having a wider lens than 35 mm. My Fuji goes to 28 and surely would have captured this engine completely. But I just didn't have the room to move further backwards S1051135  Steam grain elevator used in the harbors of Rotterdam
S1051136  Steam tug boat earning a little contribution to its maintenance and conservation S1051137  It was not steam alone that made the day. So called tear-jerker choirs, or more officially saylors choirs sprawled over Dordrecht S1051138  The only city gate Dordrecht has left. Dates back to 1450 S1051139
S1051140 S1051141  Showmen's engine, used on fairs to pull the wagons, to pump water and to generate electricity. The "lump" on front of the smoke stack on top of the smoke box (extreme right) is the light engine. S1051142 S1051143  Stupid me. I forgot that you can't make videoes in portrait format. You'll have to turn your head, but the video was so nice I didn't want bin it. A hurdy-gurdy driven by a one cylinder steam engine
S1051146 S1051147 S1051148  The small city harbor is home to a large number of vintage ships. Well worth coming for, even when there is no event like Dordt in stoom. S1051149
S1051150  A steam driven caterpillar tractor S1051152 S1051153  The motion is shaking the entire engine. S1051156  One of the many steam fire engines
S1051155  Fire engine impression S1051157  Rhapsody in brass S1051158  An 80 hp diesel engine S1051159  from 1924
S1051160  Another fire engine. This time not self propelled, but horse drawn S1051161  Vintage ear plugs S1051162  operating the whistle (hence the ear plugs) S1051163
S1051165 S1051166 S1051167 S1051168  and the horses were clearly not at ease with the sound of the whistle
S1051169  Steam bucket ladder dredger S1051170 S1051171  Children at play in the hay S1051172  Crowds and stands
S1051173  A caravan dating from the 20's S1051174 S1051175 S1051176  A musician dating from the 20's??
S1051177  Scenery in style S1051178  Huge German tractor powering a mill S1051179 S1051180
S1051181 S1051182  which was used to mill clogs. I just couldn't get near enough to get a good shot. On the right is the drive belt between tractor and mill S1051183  More fire engines S1051184
S1051186 S1051187 S1051188  A barrel organ cheering up the entire street S1051191  Loading in style
S1051192  Ancient bridge over the harbor exit S1051193  Steam tug boat S1051194 S1051195
S1051196 S1051197 S1051199 S1051201  The city center was served by vintage busses
S1051206  When we wanted to leave and head for home, the steam tractors also moved out for the night S1051207 S1051208 S1051209
S1051210 DordtInStoom S1051212  Returning home by bike. Despite the 13 km distance by far the fastest means of transport in these festivities