First meeting with the new Sprinter Light Train

I happened to bumb into a consist of the new Sprinter Ligth Train railcars of the Dutch Railways on the station of Geldermals. The train on a testride was waiting for a red signal.
folderimage folderthumb S1050822  The consist was a composition of the railcars 2401, 2402 and 2602 S1050823  Railcar 2401 on the rear of the testtrain. The 2400 series are four car railcars. The coaches are not independent, but permanently connected. Equipment is stored mainly on the roof, allowing to keep the floor low.
S1050824 S1050825  The truck at the head of the rail car. S1050826  The truck between two cars carries both bodies (Jakobs bogie) S1050827  The predecessor in it last years of service. The meanwhile 40 year old Mat 64. Plans to replace the ageing fleet of Mat 64 railcars where postponed again and again. Even after forty years they still form the backbone of local services. But with the oncoming influx of the new SLT the end is near.
S1050828  Faster, more powerful, more comfortable, and with modern equipment like airconditioning. S1050830 S1050832 S1050834  The six-car railcar 2602.
S1050835 S1050836 S1050837 S1050839  Leaving Geldermalsen over the historical bridge. The section Geldermalsen-Utrecht which this train is going to cover was once the section of the last steam service in the Netherlands this year exactly 50 years ago.