Nederlands Modelspoordagen Rijswijk

The yearly Dutch Model Railway Days fair is one one of three large events in the Netherlands. I visited the 2008 edition on January 19. In this photo impression I try to cover the exhibits that impressed me most. Of course that is purely a choice of personal taste. Sorry to all who exhibited their pride and joy on this fair and don't find it displayed here.
DSCF1339a  Mitropa Atelier ( displayed a set of H0 scale modules connected together,each depicting a different scene in time. The following photo are taken from three modules. DSCF1335  Module Rhenen, series 1600 locomotive DSCF1337  Forest module. With a very scenic road crossing. DSCF1338  Forest module. They made a very good job of seriously depicting the forest floor!!
DSCF1340  Module Rhenen. Again the series 1600 engine. DSCF1341  Module Rhenen. A classic tram, as appeared throughout the Netherlands in this era. DSCF1342  Module Amsterdam. West side exit of Amsterdam Central. DSCF1343a  The RTM tramway existed until 1966. It ran near my native home. I can remember it passing whistling and hooping to alarm traffic on the road crossing nearby. This HOm model is a very accurate depiction of the mood of those days.
DSCF1345 DSCF1347 DSCF1348-49 Combine DSCF1351-52 Combine
DSCF1354a  Beachley Dock was recently published in RailMagazine. It is a truly fantastic O scale layout after English practise. DSCF1354 DSCF1356 DSCF1357
DSCF1359 DSCF1360 DSCF1362 DSCF1363
DSCF1364 DSCF1365 DSCF1366 DSCF1368
DSCF1369 DSCF1370 DSCF1372 DSCF1373
DSCF1374 DSCF1376 DSCF1378 DSCF1380
DSCF1385a  Blue Ridge & Western is a H0 scale layout of American origin. Size only 4,80 x 0,60 m DSCF1382 DSCF1384 DSCF1385
DSCF1386-87 Combine DSCF1389 folderimage folderthumb