Rotterdam Central Station, December 14, 2007

Rotterdam CS is being reconstructed. Busy as ever it is slowly being transformed from a post war austere station into a worldclass bigcity focussing point
DSCF1116  Rotterdam city center skyline DSCF1161  The old station hall. The letters of the words "Centraal station" (I suppose your Dutch is good enough to grasp the meaning of that ;-) have been rearranged to form "Traan laten" which means as much as "shed a tear" DSCF1126  The building area. Underground a station is built to join the city's subway with regional traffic. On top of that the new station will accommodate bus, tram, a shopping mall and of course national and international train services. DSCF1108  In front a newly refurbished SGM III for local services. In the rear an ICM III, running the intercity service to Utrecht and Leeuwarden
DSCF1109  Train departure, a consist of (originally German) IC-K carriages. DSCF1111  1800-series locomotive (Alsthom) pulling the intercity service to Den Haag DSCF1115 DSCF1118
DSCF1120  Scramble!! DSCF1124  Busy, busy, busy DSCF1127  Mat 64 in the low winter sun. Being over forty years old, this type still forms the the backbone of local traffic. Replacement is long overdue. DSCF1128  Class 66 of ERS Railways
DSCF1129  Privatisation has caused a explosion of types and colors to appear on Dutch soil. DSCF1130  1800-series DSCF1131  Thalys high speed service running from Amsterdam to Paris DSCF1133  Rear end
DSCF1136  Low perspective DSCF1138  A very impressive design. DSCF1140 DSCF1145  Meanwhile crowds gather for an intercity service
DSCF1150 DSCF1147  Thalys from Paris to Amsterdam DSCF1149 DSCF1153
DSCF1160 DSCF1192  A former NS 1200 now in service for ACTS. This is the last commercially operated motive power that once replaced steam. None of the other rolling stock running to date ever saw service in the steam age. So this one is the last of its generation. folderimage folderthumb