Visit to Railz Miniworld, Rotterdam. December 14, 2007

What is Railz Miniworld?
Railz Miniworld is a tourist attraction in the centre of Rotterdam. It’s the largest indoor model railroad layout of The Netherlands.
DSCF1180  Overview over de harbor DSCF1182  The rural area DSCF1181 DSCF1164  A shot from a very impressive separate diorama
DSCF1165  Mat 54 DSCF1166  Mat64 III, diesel train in its original colors DSCF1167  Plane crash DSCF1168  Standers by, police and...
DSCF1169  ...fir brigade coming to the rescue DSCF1170  Of course the mills had to be modeled as well. DSCF1171  Steam railway museum DSCF1173  Occasionally evrything went dark
DSCF1178  which produced a fairy tale like atmosphere DSCF1179a  A 3500 series steam engine. The only steam engine running on the layout. Originally A3/5 of the SBB (Swiss Federal Railways). Running in the Netherlands from 1646 to 1953. None of them survived. DSCF1183  Again the Mat 64 III DSCF1184  A series 1000 e-loco. One of only two locomotive types to be especially designed for the Dutch Railways. The 1200 series was the otheer special design. All other types were derivatives from existing designs.
DSCF1185  Class 66 DSCF1186  The spacious container terminal DSCF1187  A serious bridge DSCF1188  Inside the builders hall of a ship yard
DSCF1189  Typical Dutch scene folderimage folderthumb