2007-08-14 Zillertal

In August 2007 I spent a day in Jenbach, station to two well known steam railways: the Achensee rack railway and the Zillertalbahn
DSCF6958  One original Zillertalbahn locomotive on display in the village of Jenbach. It is an engine of the famous "Reihe U", the most numerously built narrow gauge locomotive type in Europe. DSCF6960  From the rear. Note the frame: the inside frame between the drivers swings to the outside on the rear. DSCF6961 DSCF6976  Achenseebahn locomotive. It has a very peculiar motion in the gear. The cylinder motion runs in reverse when the locomotive is running forward.
DSCF6992 DSCF6978  Detail DSCF6979 DSCF7057  Visual play: the doors of one of the cars.
DSCF7075  Zillertalbahn, arriving train DSCF7078  Decoupling DSCF7082  Recoaling DSCF7085
DSCF7086  Reoiling and regreasing DSCF7093  Detail of the peculiar Walschaerts valve gear. I suppose this engine does not have the ordinary piston valves but uses camshafts and poppet valves. DSCF7111  After recoaling the engine was moved to the hydrant DSCF7120a  Ash was scooped out of the firebox into a wheelbarrow and extinguished.
DSCF7123  The smokebox was cleared DSCF7129  Rewatering DSCF7173a  and the locomotive left alone until the next run. DSCF7149  Just that atmosphere
DSCF7155  waiting.... DSCF7186  Coming on stage for the next performance DSCF7225  Leaving Jenbach folderimage