Eurospoor 2007

On October 27, 2007 I visited the Eurospoor fair in Utrecht. Always good for a lot of visitors this three days event is the largest fair in the Netherlands. I spent almost all day but I didn't make a great deal of photos. Two exhibits impressed me very much
DSCF0764b  The first exhibit to impress me was Roarkes Landing by George Woolnough. Especially the logging part, with loads op Heislers, Shays and one Climax was of great interest for me DSCF0765b DSCF0766bJPG DSCF0767b
DSCF0768b DSCF0769b DSCF0771b DSCF0773b
DSCF0774b  The other exhibit in gauge O. Two Big Boys were double heading a one hundred car train measuring an approximate 23 meters in length!! I took this photo just before the two loco's coupled to their train. DSCF0775b DSCF0776b DSCF0777b  Impressively weathered!!
DSCF0778b  On the same lay out was this superb model of NS 6300 DSCF0779b  and this small tank engine in its pre-1914 NCS color scheme folderimage folderthumb