1974 Rheine

In 1974 my school friend Hans and I wanted to visit Rheine, one of the last large steam depots in Germany. My father drove us there one day. This album contains the photos of that memorable outing. The quality may be low but that is what I had at he time: a low quality camera and too much enthusiasm to hold it really still.
1974-04-30b 1974-04-32b 1974-04-36b 1974-05-01b
1974-05-02b 1974-05-03b 1974-05-04b 1974-05-05b
1974-05-06b 1974-05-07b 1974-05-08b 1974-05-09b
1974-05-10b 1974-05-11b 1974-05-12b 1974-05-13b
1974-05-14b 1974-05-15b 1974-05-16b 1974-05-17b
1974-05-18b 1974-05-19b 1974-05-20b 1974-05-21b