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Fairlie Merddin Emrys

6.2 Aprons and tanks assembly

Having completed the aprons and the tanks it is now time for the big assembly step

First the top tank stays are made, for now only in rough form. The function counts. I will file them later.
The apron end are filed to match the valances.

Then everything is assembled, taken apart again, corrected etc. until happy and then tack soldered. You can see two of the tacks on the front ends of the tanks. Two more are on the underside about where the S-curve of the centre bottom starts.

Now follows a bout of careful measuring.

Vertical alignment of the apron. Check, everything well within a few tenths of a millimetre.

Horizontal alignment of the aprons. Check.

Vertical alignment of the tanks. Check, despite a tiny bit of sagging in the middle of each tank.

Tank vertical? Check!

Other side vertical? Check!

I measured various other angles and dimensions and found them sufficiently within the limits.

One more and very cruel test: does the body wobble on two equal pieces of hard wood I have especially for that purpose? It in it ally did a bit but after resoldering one tack it sat dead flat.